The philosophy of the Center is built on our theory of service delivery:  we believe that when we deliver services to consumers in ways that promote and protect valued experiences, support them in managing their own lives and pursuing desirable personal futures, then we will be achieving our vision.  Our belief is anchored in:

1) The principles of normalization which advocate for the liberation from constraints that prevent people with disabilities from fully participating in community life (Wolfensberger, 1993);

2) Georgia House Bill 100 principles of consumer choice and consumer involvement in services, as well as the importance of a comprehensive and adaptive system of supports being available for consumers and their families; 3) a belief that community-based services provide access to relationships and resources that enhance consumer participation and inclusion in one’s own community.

In summary, we will respect and respond to the needs and values of each individual.  We will have the freedom to envision possibilities without boundaries and we will cooperate with trust, reliance and shared respect.  We will be effective by improving quality, accomplishing desired results and being compassionate.  We will strive for integrity, by being models of honesty, sincerity, dependability and loyalty.  We will provide excellent healthcare services to the citizens of our Middle Georgia community.